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Home Improvement Services to Transform Your Space

Your home is your sanctuary, and at Elite Home Solutions & More LLC, we understand the importance of creating a space that is both beautiful and functional. Our comprehensive home improvement services are designed to meet your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and inviting environment for you and your family. From drywall and concrete work to exterior and interior painting, our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and transforming your home into the haven you’ve always envisioned.

Drywall Services

Elite Home Solutions & More LLC offers a full range of drywall services to help you restore discolored and damaged areas, enhance your living spaces, and ensure a seamless, professional finish. Our skilled team is experienced in handling all aspects of drywall repair, installation, and finishing, delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique needs.

Our Comprehensive Drywall Services Include:

    • Restoring Discolored and Damaged Areas: Our expert team can skillfully repair and restore discolored or damaged drywall, bringing your walls and ceilings back to their original beauty.

    • Framing for Patching or Replacement: We provide precise framing services to support the installation of patches or complete drywall replacements, ensuring a sturdy, long-lasting result.

    • Patching Holes in Ceilings or Walls: Our professionals can seamlessly patch holes in your ceilings or walls, leaving your drywall looking as good as new.

    • Repairing Tape Seams and Nail Pops: We’ll expertly address issues with tape seams and nail pops, ensuring a smooth, flawless surface.

    • New Drywall Installation: Our team can efficiently install new drywall, creating a strong foundation for your interior design.

    • Tape, Mud, and Float Seams: We use professional techniques to tape, mud, and float seams, ensuring a seamless finish that blends perfectly with the surrounding drywall.

    • Priming Before Texturing to Hide Seams: Our experts will prime the drywall before applying texture, helping to conceal seams and create a uniform appearance.

    • Texturing to Match Existing Surfaces: We offer a variety of texture options, including flat, knock-down, popcorn, and orange peel, to match your existing surfaces and achieve a cohesive look.

    • Wallpaper Removal: Our team can efficiently remove wallpaper, ensuring a clean, smooth surface for your drywall.

    • Priming and Painting Drywall: We provide professional priming and painting services, using high-quality products and expert techniques to create a stunning, long-lasting finish that enhances your living spaces.

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Concrete Services

At Elite Home Solutions & More LLC, we take pride in offering expert driveway construction services that elevate the curb appeal of your home. With a wide range of design options and concrete finishes to choose from, we can create a driveway that perfectly complements your home’s style and meets your unique preferences. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that combine functionality, durability, and visual appeal.

Driveway Design Options: Choose from a variety of attractive and practical driveway designs, including:

    • Brush Trowel: A classic brushed finish that offers a uniform texture and provides slip resistance, making it an ideal choice for driveways.
    • Brush Finish: A popular option for driveways that provides a clean, consistent look and adds traction for increased safety.
    • Exposed Aggregate: This design showcases the natural beauty of stones, pebbles, or other aggregates embedded in the concrete surface, creating a visually appealing and slip-resistant surface.
    • Stamped and Colored Concrete: Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your driveway with custom-stamped patterns and vibrant colors that mimic the look of natural materials like brick, stone, or wood.

    Concrete Finish Options: We provide top-quality concrete finishes to enhance the beauty and functionality of your driveway. Select from the following finishes for your ideal driveway solution:

      • Broom/Brush Finish: This finish offers a textured surface that provides slip resistance, making it an excellent choice for driveways in all weather conditions. The broom or brush is used to create a uniform pattern, giving your driveway a clean and professional appearance.
      • Exposed Aggregate: An exposed aggregate finish reveals the natural beauty of the stones, pebbles, or other aggregates embedded in the concrete surface. This finish creates a visually appealing and slip-resistant surface that adds character and charm to your driveway.
      • Stamped Concrete: Stamped concrete finishes allow you to achieve the look of natural materials, such as brick, stone, or wood, with the durability and low maintenance of concrete. Our team can create custom patterns and textures, giving your driveway a unique and upscale appearance.

    Why Choose Elite Home Solutions & More LLC for Your Home Improvement Needs:

      • Personalized Solutions: We understand that every home is unique, which is why we’re dedicated to providing customized home improvement services tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
      • Skilled Professionals: Our experienced team of home improvement experts has the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of projects, ensuring a professional and lasting result.
      • Quality Materials: We use only the highest quality materials from trusted brands, guaranteeing durability, performance, and visual appeal for your home improvement project.
      • On-Time, Attentive Service: Our team is committed to punctuality and personalized customer service, ensuring a stress-free experience for homeowners.


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    Partnered with Trusted Brands

    we understand that the success of your roofing and home improvement projects relies on the materials we use. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading brands like GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and TAMKO to ensure the highest level of durability, performance, and value for your investment. By choosing products from these trusted manufacturers, you can feel confident that your home will be protected and enhanced for years to come. Experience the difference that comes with quality materials and exceptional service from our dedicated team.

    • Locally Owned

      Elite Home Solutions & More LLC is a proud local business in Wichita and surrounding areas. We understand the unique needs of our community and provide tailored, high-quality roofing and home improvement solutions. Choose us and support a company dedicated to bettering our neighborhood.

    • Licensed & Insured

      Trust in the expertise of our fully licensed and insured team at Elite Home Solutions & More LLC. We adhere to the highest industry standards and prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Experience peace of mind knowing your project is in capable hands.

    • 18+ Years of Trusted Experience

      With over a decade of experience, Elite Home Solutions & More LLC has been providing exceptional roofing and home improvement services. Our skilled team’s expertise ensures your project is completed with precision and care, guaranteeing long-lasting results.